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There are always new buzz words or phrases and recently it is all about your tech stack. All this really means is a series of technology platforms or software used in conjunction with one another to create your version of optimal performance. As a business owner, my tech stack is extremely important in order to operate with the most efficiency and deliver the highest quality service to my clients.

But is a tech stack really just for the business owner? Today, technology drives everything, including consumer personal finance. So what are some of the low cost technology tools to help you and your family have the most success with your daily finances? Here is a list of the best technology platforms:

  • Credit Karma is website and app that allows you to consistently track your credit score for free. In addition the company will monitor your credit score, provide you with insights on how to improve your credit score, and then goes a step further giving you personalized recommendations to use your credit more wisely. All of this is offered in an extremely user-friendly interface.

    Whether just building your credit score, starting a business, or buying your retirement home, your credit score is a valuable tool that provides needed leverage. It’s worth it to have a better grip and understanding of your credit score and the ways to use it more effectively to your benefit.

  • is a fantastic budgeting tool, owned by Intuit. The software allows you to aggregate all of your accounts, including liabilities, in one place to get a better look at your total financial picture. Once you have that 10,000 foot view of your finances, the tool allows you to create and see suggested budgets to meet your goals, as well as see a calendar view of all of your bill payments.

    As a financial planner, I offer clients access to another great tool that goes into a bit more detail, and will tie into your overall financial plan. MX provides my clients the ability to track cash flow trends over a calendar year, set unlimited life goal budgeting, and deliver recommended debt reduction strategies. Another great tool for your financial tech stack.

  • Turbo Tax is consistently rated as the #1 tax software company and is another company owned by Intuit. Whats great about it being owned by Intuit, is that it will integrate and sync with, which is an important component to your tech stack. This software is an easy-to-use tax preparation tool that offers audit protection, access to live CPAs and guarantees a maximum refund.

Although there is an endless supply of great “fintech” out there that would be great additions to any financial tech stack, these three tools cover most basic needs. In addition, all are extremely intuitive with easy-to-use applications, making personal finance a breeze.

If you have questions or need more in-depth financial help, feel free to connect with our office. We’re glad to provide any assistance.

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