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ES001 – SN – Mastering the Art of Delegation with Gina Cotner

Gina Cotner is the founder and CEO of Athena Executive Services, a firm that pairs virtual Executive Assistants around the United States with busy business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. Her team of high-caliber Executive Assistants work part-time, from home, taking many administrative tasks and projects off the plate of successful people, leaving them free to spend their time where they are needed most.

In this episode Gina Cotner joins Michael to discuss how relinquishing control and embracing a partnership mindset can accelerate growth and productivity. They share valuable insights on the importance of delegation and letting go as a business owner, as well as the benefits of investing time and resources in developing and empowering others. Gina share’s one powerful tool she used to launch her business as they touch on the power of referrals and word-of-mouth marketing in growing their client base. This conversation focuses on freeing up time as a business owner and pursuing personal passions and well-being, emphasizing the need to prioritize health and family.

“People want to help their friends and family, but they often struggle with what to say. A referral letter helps them understand and refer us effectively.” – Gina Cotner


This week on Entrepreneur Strategies:

  • Gina Cotner’s background.
  • The perseverance of an entrepreneur.
  • Getting out of your own way and investing time.
  • The power of one more.
  • The difference between virtual executive assistant and virtual assistant.
  • The importance of being accountable to your employees.
  • The importance of taking care of your health.


Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “It’s not about dumping tasks on people, it’s about empowering people to take ownership.” – Gina Cotner
  • “You’re just one referral away, you’re one client away, you’re one COI (Center of Influence) away.” – Mike Metzger
  • “When you’re a rockstar executive assistant, you can be dropped into almost any industry and provide valuable support.” – Gina Cotner
  • “Focus on providing good service, good product, and it will happen you’ll put yourself in a position of luck and I think that’s really important.” – Mike Metzger
  • “My job shifted to working for my managers. I help them overcome obstacles and keep pressing them towards bigger goals.” – Gina Cotner
  • “The goal is to be able to spend time with your family, to be hyper-focused on those parts of your life.” – Mike Metzger


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