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As a Business Owner Your Financial Challenges are Complex

Business owners often have unique financial challenges then they need answers to:

Business Owners have many advantages that other professionals don’t have. But, if you don’t have the right financial partner with deep niche knowledge, then you’re missing out on the opportunities.

Those missed opportunities, can have large implications.

Many business owners are pulled in hundreds of directions. The time and energy demand can make it seem impossible to create a successful plan.
With a financial and accountability partner, you can make sure those opportunities are taken advantage of at the right timing to give you a clear path towards financial independence.

Focus your time and effort on the bigger picture with your business and we take care of the rest.

As business owners, our businesses were created to enrich our lives, not complicate it. Your business can be an asset to free up your time and reach your desired lifestyle.

Let us help you design a plan!

Mike’s Story:

I’ve always been interested in finance from an early age. I was the guy in college who had fun putting together 5-year cash flow projections and modeling out future business profits. It was during that time that I began investing in the stock market with the little money I had. It was a natural fit that, post-college, I took a job at a financial planning firm and later stepped out and took on that entrepreneurial risk by starting my own financial planning business! As a millennial business owner, I know first-hand the financial challenges and needs of growing businesses. As a business owner, we wear a lot of hats, and life is constantly bringing forth new financial challenges and obstacles.

I help our clients with wealth creation, both in the business and personally, mitigating taxes, and setting up a plan for a work-optional lifestyle. Life is not a straight line, it ebbs and flows constantly, and my relationship with business owners is ongoing to adjust course as needed. Deciding which entity structure makes the most sense for their stage of business?, how can I benefit personally from my business? how can I put the most amount of money away for the future?, how can I legally reduce our tax burden?, are we on track to be able to retire early and travel?; these are all questions that I answer for clients and devise a financial plan that’s customized to their personal situation.

No Suits, No Jargon, just Transparent Financial Planning at Your Level.

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